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UPP-Personality is a personality test for labor markets around the world, in several languages

UPP-Personality is a personality test which with high reliability and validity measures important dimensions of work. It is available in several languages ​​and takes approximately 50 minutes to complete. The Personality Test suits various industries and organisations.

An important question in recruitment and assessment is to detect impression management. Research shows that this is more difficult than one might think. UPP personality test corrects for impression management, takes into account mood and the test data quality and also manages the dark sides of personality.

… Is scientifically validated with high reliability and validity
… Corrects for impression management
… Takes into account mood
… offers Swedish quality tests to labormarkets around the world
… Available in English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish

Ability is important for performance

Personality and ability are very important prognostic factors of performance. Because the relationship between them is weak, they contribute independently to predictions and this is very useful for the result. 

UPP-Problemsolving test measures more precise verbal and spatial/logical ability. These testsgive a good overall picture of a persons g-factol.  

A shortened version of the UPP Ability test can be combined with the UPP-Personality test and UPP-StepOne Screen.

UPP-StepOne screen is a screening test, a simple and powerful test

UPP-StepOne Screen is a shortened version of the full UPP test and takes 15 to 30 minutes to carry out. The test provides a faster and better selection when you have many applicants. Several hundred people can take the test; there is no upper limit. The test saves much work in the first phase of the selection process. 

StepOne screen includes a scale that measures impression management, a selection of personality scales and ability, customized to meet the reuirements of the organization and specific roles.

Intellectual ability is assessed using a special scale and is combined with personality scales. All applicants are ranked in the report according to the results. Extensive Norm data is available.

UPP-SteOne Screen
… Measure impression management
… Corrects results
… Ability tests

UPP has high validity

UPP is several years of innovative research. All tests from the Psychological Method, UPP-Personality Test, UPP-Problemsolving and UPP-StepOne Screen is certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV-GL).

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